Your Big Day is almost there and you are truly happy, nervous and bubbling with excitement.  Just like any other event, this one too needs careful planning and you need to ensure a few essential things are taken care of.  Here are 6 vital things to do before you take your vows.Bridal Series wedding look

#1 Get your look sorted: With numerous pre-wedding parties and functions, it is important as a bride to sort your look for each event. You are the most special person on that day, and you need to look like one. Talk to your make up artiste and ensure you do a trial version, so that you know all the details and there would be no surprises at the last moment.

#2 Beauty regime: Ideally you should start your beauty regime several weeks before the D-day. Starting out with drinking loads of water to stay hydrated and keep your skin from breaking out inconveniently. Most salons/ spa offer wedding packages and do visit a few and try some of their services prior to making a booking.

#3 Soften your footwear: Maybe no one would have thought to advice you, hence I am saying it here- Soften your footwear. Most weddings are long and receptions longer. Wearing a new pair of footwear that bites, can only add to the discomfort.  Use petroleum jelly or any oil along the rims or straps to soften them. Your feet would thank you!

#4 Wedding night bag: At the end of a long day, you would have truly moved from being a bride to a wife. Whether you are spending the night as a couple in your new home or at a hotel, it would be easier on the ‘tired’ you to find everything you may need in one place.  No point rummaging through different bags for things you need.LV Travel bag

#5 Pack for your Honeymoon: As in most cases, you would be leaving on your honeymoon very soon after the wedding, if not practically the next day. You surely, would have no time to pack for your honeymoon trip after the wedding. Always pack the bags days in advance and keep a check list handy, so that you don’t miss out on packing in a sunscreen or your favourite pair of footwear.

#6 Sleep well: This is of utmost importance. While your wedding is a time of excitement and would usually mean strange mixed emotions, compromising on sleep is a big NO.  Try and get the required time to rest before the event. Sleep not only relaxes you, it is great for your skin and general well being.  You wouldn’t want to be a stressed out case, because you’re tired.

Trust me, looking back you would really wonder how you did it all ! These tips are just fun facts along the way.