TrousseauTrousseau, in simple words, means the clothes, linen, and other belongings collected by a bride for her marriage.
In almost all cultures, it refers to the things a woman would like to take along ,as she begins the next chapter in her life. Unlike our ancestors who painstakingly collected or made things that they would always treasure, we modern brides seldom have enough time to decide when or how we want the wedding, let alone make our own trousseau.

Hence it is Retail to our rescue. Today’s bride is a lot more informed and has a plethora of options available. She in most cases knows what she wants and for the unsure times, there is always a lot of free advice, such as this, available online. And like all free advice it all starts with a list.

1.Start with a list: Your wedding shopping is very exciting, but we all tend to go overboard. Make a list of all things you would absolutely want. This ensures that you don’t get stuff you may not use, as well as not miss out on the essentials.

2.Decide a budget: Putting together your trousseau is actually hard work. Most of us want to look special and end up shopping beyond our needs and budget. Avoid over spending, set a budget and try sticking to it as much as possible.

3.Do your research: As a modern bride you have the luxury of garnering enough information through family (age old wisdom and traditions), friends (they know you and the trends best) and our dear friend Google. Research before you step out on the trousseau trip. Check stores, online shopping sites, look for offers, home deliveries and easy return policies. This would definitely aid you in making the right choice.

4.Buy the box: Sometimes limiting your storage space helps in a wondrous way. Buy the luggage pieces before you go shopping. This effectively means, you know what you can fit in to your boxes and what cannot, need not be shopped before the wedding. Selecting the right suitcase(s) also helps in segregating the essentials and indulgence while ensuring you have a space to store things as and when you start shopping. Also don’t forget to buy a couple of boxes that are sturdy  for your honeymoon and can be handled roughly. You wouldn’t want your LV’s to be tossed about at airports.Bri

5.Plan your wardrobe: The idea of a grand trousseau sounds wonderfully romantic, however it actually is things that you would use repeatedly even after the wedding frenzy ends. Hence, plan to fill your wardrobe with items that are a mix of classic pieces (like the LBD, fitted denims and high heeled shoes) to more traditional ones (a Kancheevaram or Banarasi silk sari, a jadau neck piece) and don’t forget to include the most comfortable ones (your favourite pair of denims, pjs and footwear that don’t bite).

Packed trousseau

Source: Reeti

6.Plan your honeymoon: The big wedding trip is the most important bit to plan apart from the wedding itself. Your partner and you should definitely plan where you would be heading for your honeymoon so that you shop the right things. While we would all love to have the destination as a surprise (especially if our partner is keen on doing so), it would be advisable to have a discussion on general topography and weather, before hand. I would cringe at the thought of you being in Maldives with a newly shopped leather jacket, because you thought the surprise destination would be Paris.

7.Shop smart: Many of you would have already started on a diet/ exercise regime much before the wedding. However it is imperative that you remember that whatever you buy is to be used again. Never buy the size you aim to be at your wedding, but the one you usually are.  Also buy stuff, especially your heavy dresses/ saris according to the weather you are getting married in  and that which are low maintenance. This way you save yourself a lot heartache (if you revert to your old size) and save some money too (laundry bills can get excessive).

Make the most of wedding shopping. Get organized and kiss goodbye to stressful bridezilla moments.