I recently happened to view this ad on a leading social site of a social experiment cum brand building advertisement on glasses that can make a colour blind person experience colour. I truly know for sure, colour would have blown their minds off. That set me thinking what is it about colours that give an added dimension to shapes and structures. The depth of a field, the rush of emotions and vibes of energy we feel around is interconnected with colour.

Let’s look at colours and you and how each new colour trend can be incorporated to up your style quotient.

The Usual suspects: Rose quartz and Serenity Blue are Pantone’s colours for 2016. The pinks and blues of the world are safe and fun to experiment with. Almost anyone could agree to have had a pink or a blue or both in their wardrobe at some point of time. Just like the LBD, these colours are staple to apparel or accessories.

In the coming months coral and rust would take forward the blush palette. Coral and Rust are unique in terms that; they are just not limited to colours. They are perfectly individualistic in their own way; one as a living being and the other a chemical reaction! Rust and gold is an all-time classic. It can be seen across cultures as an occasion colour. That should not stop you from wearing rust colour bellies with your denims. Coral on the other hand is a fun and flirty colour that is absolutely stunning in summer. Be it bags, dresses or accessories, this versatile colour is here to stay.coral and icy

On the blue front, cool and icy blue would make its presence felt. While jewelled blue and bright blues have always been around and would continue to be, it is the cooler end of palette that would be more prominent in the coming months. Next time you head to the beach, try an ice blue asymmetrical top with white shorts and a big floppy hat.

Yellow and Citrine: Top end designer houses have already forecast yellow to be the colour for the coming season. Why just apparel, the bright and versatile colour has also made it to the jewellery scene. Yellow quartz and Citrine would make excellent statement pieces.

yellowAdding a Citrine cocktail ring to an evening event or yellow belt to the classic combination of white shirt and blue denim would make an impression.

Yellow has always been looked upon as a tricky colour. It doesn’t suit many. That is not completely true. If you are a lemon yellow person, that doesn’t mean your friend needs to buy the same. She could always go with a sunny yellow or the deeper ochre. Next time you head to shop, check which yellow suits you the best. As it has several shades to choose from, I am sure each one of us would be able to pick one that flatters us the most

Jade and Jewelled:

Green is the colour of nature and health. It is the colour of balance and growth. A relaxing colour, the deep jewelled tones of green are huge on style too. geen
A green jacket could add loads of character to plain summer dress. Deep greens have always been a favourite in Indian weddings and pairing the colour with gold or silver could help you look stunning on special occasions.
On the jewellery front jade and emerald have been a favourite among women for ages, green onyx, peridot and of course green enamel work are nice choices to have to from both a style and light on your pocket point of view.

Hundred shades of Grey:

greyGrey need not be the dull colour we tend to assume it to be. While grey may not suit many, especially if you feel it makes you look dull and lifeless (that is a fault in our perspective and not of the colour), it can complement you if you are ready to experiment.

In fact, grey can be very interesting as its neutral enough to adapt and blend well with bright colours and give your entire look the much needed lift.

Combining a vintage 1950’s style grey textured dress with a deep green waist high jacket would add oomph and make you stand out.
Whenever the talk of style and fashion comes up, I hear from many men why should girls’ have all the fun? Well here you go, these colours are so gender agnostic. A deep green waiyellow socksst coat with a crisp denim would make you the next rock star.

Greys and men have an ancient understanding; doesn’t mean you couldn’t add colour in terms of shirts or tie in yellow tone. Te next time you decide to go lax on your look, try yellow socks (there is no rule that only soccer players can wear them)!!

Tie and dye:
Batik, Bandhej, Shibori, Ikat are different cultures similar art form. Tie-dye can be used to tiedye pantbatik coatcreate a wide variety of designs on fabric. This art form is ancient, yet contemporary for most of us. Next time you decide on doing something off beat, try shoes with tie dye pattern or a shirt in Batik. Do not limit these to the beach they can be incorporated in to daily wear and styled to look sassy.

Bold eyes and lips:
eyesThe jewel tones have already spilled over to make-up. Deep blues, amethyst, greens and orange would be part of the offerings from most beauty brands. Be it Cheryl Coles’s bright pink lips or Kristen Stewart’s red smoky eyes or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s dramatic turquoise eyes or violet lips, a number of this year’s gala events saw celebs step on to the red carpet with unusual and unique shades of makeup.plums

Next time for your smoky eye, try a teal green or absinth blend. The effect would make your eyes pop and certainly add the much needed bling to your look. Plum and deep purples would be the talk of the town. Try a plum lip with just a tweeny bit of brown kohl for the perfect day look; add a bit of winged liner and you are ready to party the evening away.

Girls don’t shy from making a bold statement!