It is time to raid! Keep calm and just raid your mom’s old wardrobe. Well, flip through albums and check out how ma looked when she was in her teens and you can get loads of inspiration on what could be done to your own wardrobe.

Zing_RetroNo kidding, the relax style of 70’s and the metallic of 80’s is back. Think of midis, prints, polka dots stripes and all colours from copper to gun metal. The fashion runways are full of a blast of colour and texture for the upcoming year.

Nevertheless, if we were to go back and dig deeper, it is nothing more than what was the IN thing a few decades back. As they say fashion follows the karmic cycle of life- what goes, returns a while later!

Relaxed, wide bottom trousers: palazzo pants brought back the trend, culottes added range and relaxed bottoms are going to top it off. The retro charm can be paired with current colours and accessories to get a complete look.Zing_Metallic Retro

Stripes in all directions are a must for the upcoming season. Multi style striped dress, asymmetrically cut can be the perfect choice for looking tall or slim. Metallic pin stripes with dark denims and boots and dangling earrings is another combination.

Recently a friend and I were discussing colours on how to do up her place and she was really excited about the metallic home ware and decor that has flooded the market. They look real classy and can be teamed with loads of colours without looking too garish. Just imagine if we were to take a leaf from this and incorporate a bit of metal in to our apparel, we would be taking shine to an all new level.

Floral prints in all sizes are going to be a rage. From bright bold prints on skirts to dainty embroidered blouses, the garden feel is here to stay.

So what exactly are we waiting for? Let’s raid and be happy about mom’s teen fashion making a grand comeback!